1. Gotta Need Remixes
    Freestyle Man feat. George Spruce

  2. Chicago
    Henrik Schwarz

  3. Aspects On The Same Theme
    Losoul, Freestyle Man

  4. A1
    Sasse & Cle presents Mitte Housing Authority

  5. Moodmusic presents: Vesi
    Various Artists

  6. Venera Two

  7. Zond One

  8. Fragments

  9. Die Königin Herrschte Erfolgreich

  10. The Realm + Remixes [hi-res]

  11. The Realm

  12. The Realm Remixes, Pt 2.

  13. The Realm Remixes, Pt. 1

  14. Solar Springs 102

  15. Tour De Farce
    Freestyle Man

  16. Still Waters Run Deep
    Claudio Ricci

  17. Vision

  18. Essentials 2020
    Various Artists

  19. Sweet Things
    Star You Star Me

  20. Moodmusic Presents II
    Various Artists

  21. James Flavour & Sasse presents Station
    James Flavour, Sasse

  22. Future Bass

  23. The Sun Rises In The East
    Chopstick & Johnjon, Nils Penner

  24. Third Encounter

  25. DJ Sasse presents Moodmusic

  26. Loosing Touch
    Sasse feat. Kiki

  27. Made Within The Upper Stairs Of Heaven

  28. Full Body Contact
    Maurice Aymard

  29. Wave EP
    Freestyle Man

  30. System Reset
    Arnav feat. Alana Kajdi

  31. Cheap Talk EP

  32. Vincent EP

  33. Eclectic 1 - compiled by Ed Ed
    Various Artists

  34. Day Of Drones
    Kiki & Ed Ed

  35. Nunchi EP
    Ed Ed

  36. Sundroina EP feat Jinadu
    Ed Ed, Petja Virikko, Jinadu

  37. Keep Pushin'
    Mario Aureo, Spieltape, Lazarusman

  38. Secrets From Another Place EP
    Marcus Sur

  39. Cephei
    Frankey, Sandrino

  40. Same Monkeys Different Zoo
    Penner + Muder

  41. Phasonator
    Foreign Guest, Wewerka

  42. Some Feelings
    Cook Strummer

  43. Eclectic 03 - Compiled by Sasse
    Various Artists

  44. Otava

  45. Foggy Mondays

  46. Rusu
    Rafael Da Cruz

  47. II
    Sasse, Langenberg, Sandrino

  48. Kazi EP
    Trevor Deep Jr.

  49. Desiderium

  50. Walking On My Dream EP
    Three Less One

  51. Dangerous Games
    Squire feat Knowkontrol

  52. Color EP

  53. And I feat. Rebekka
    Ender & Yaniel

  54. Timeless Hours
    Foreign Guest

  55. Rodeon Remixes

  56. Sarang
    Jonas Saalbach

  57. Into Clouds
    Benny Grauer

  58. Haunted EP

  59. Rodeon EP

  60. Emperor EP

  61. Sirio EP
    Lorenzo Calvio & Alan Banjo

  62. They Say Remixes feat Jinadu
    Alessio Pagliaroli

  63. 1983

  64. Falling
    Benny Grauer

  65. Easy Out
    Pablo Sanchez

  66. Now Or Never EP
    Lorenzo Calvio

  67. The Power Of Sound EP
    Nils Penner feat. Page

  68. Essentials - Best Of 2018
    Various Artists

  69. Essentials
    Various Artists

  70. Back To The Future, Vol 8
    Various Artists

  71. Back To The Future Vol. 6
    Various Artists

  72. Moodmusic Essentials Compilation 2019
    Various Artists

  73. Back To The Future Vol. 7
    Various Artists

  74. Endless
    Jef K, Sasse

  75. Kwai
    Sasse, Stelios Vassiloudis

  76. Concept EP
    Dan Berkson presents Syntho

  77. Gota EP

  78. It's A Dawgs Life
    2 Dawgs

  79. Beat The Street
    Freestyle Man, Dj T.

  80. Code Generator
    Spirit Catcher

  81. Reflections
    Filipsson & Lindblad

  82. Love In The Middle
    Nick Chacona

  83. Pagliaccio
    Filippo Moscatello

  84. Up To You feat. Malte | remastered

  85. Midnight Radio

  86. Sunday Smoking
    Martin Dawson

  87. 808 Lazerbeam
    Dirt Crew

  88. Meso Loco
    Nick Chacona

  89. Why
    Freestyle Man, George Spruce

  90. Sounds For Your Soul Remixes

  91. The Scene EP
    Freestyle Man, George Spruce

  92. Supravision EP
    Henrik Schwarz

  93. In And Out Of The Shade
    Losoul, JT Donaldson

  94. Northern Exposure
    Various Artists

  95. Nightstarter Sampler
    Various Artists

  96. Escape From Turku EP
    Freestyle Man

  97. The Bottom Line EP

  98. Smoke City
    Freestyle Man, Morris Brown

  99. Rebirth
    Deep Sensuous Ensemble

  100. Rymden
    Tuomas Salmela

  101. Jersey EP

  102. Minerals EP
    Morris Brown (aka Sasse)

  103. The Time Together EP


Moodmusic Records Berlin, Germany

Independent record label out of Berlin run by Klas Lindblad aka Sasse aka Freestyle Man

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